Frequently asked questions

The Dermatoglyphic Innate Intelligence Test is a thoroughly scientific examination of fingerprint patterns. This will help in deciding a person's potential as well as their personality type. The DMIT is based on findings from Embryology, Dermatoglyphics Genetics, Neuroscience, and Psychology.

DMIT is helpful to individuals of all ages. The DMIT report will be different for each age group. It can assist in the evaluation as well as the development of an individual future. Any child or adult over the age of two can take the DMIT test.

Dermatoglyphics is not an IQ test; it includes linguistic intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, body – kinaesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and introspective intelligence, whereas "IQ" only considers logical and mathematical intelligence.

We require the person's fingerprint for the DMIT Test. You can come to our center to give your fingerprints, and you will receive your comprehensive report of 52 pages in 3 days. There will be counseling sessions after that. We will evaluate your interests based on the report, and after counseling, we will give suggestions and solutions. We do follow-ups at regular intervals for 90 days.

According to medical research, fingerprints are formed between the 13th and 19th week of an embryo, where brain development and dermal ridge grow simultaneously. There is a direct correlation between fingerprints and brain development. Based on this co-relationship of brain and fingerprint development, the outcome of the DMIT analysis has a very high degree of accuracy. DMIT analysis has a 99 % accuracy.

Yes. You only need to do the LIFE report once in your life. The counseling will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the report analysis. However, if you require any additional support in the future, we will arrange a new counseling session for further analysis.

Yes. Human fingerprints are formed in the womb, and the basic pattern remains unchanged throughout our lives.

Everyone has their own set of qualities and potential. If we can comprehend a person's innate characteristics and ability through scientific methods, we can better guide them. If one is naturally strong, better clarity makes the strong stronger. However, if a person is born weak and fails to develop in later life/stages, they may lose that skill. Thus, it is important to give precise and appropriate solutions.