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An excellent way to know your own abilities at any stage of life!

About Us

Mudra Prabodhini is a team of certified DMIT consultants, well supported by other industry professionals who are on the mission of helping the community identify the purpose of the journey to achieve "Purnatvam" in life. Our consultants guide individuals on career choices, personality-based guidance, give excellent advice on a self-management system and build up the bond between the couple, parents, and family. We provide individual attention, remedies, and action-oriented three months follow-up.

We at Mudra Prabodhini believe:

  • Every human being is different from others,
  • Every human being has inborn talents, Skills & capabilities to excel in life by identifying the purpose.

Mudra Prabodhini ensures the 100% transformation by following remedies and solutions based on the DMIT report. We encompass parents, students, individuals, and working professionals to identify their strengths, weaknesses, hobbies to get success, happiness & satisfaction in their life.


To serve and help individuals to know their identity; and purpose of life with success, happiness, and satisfaction on the journey of “Purnatvam” in life.


“To provide the Best Alternative & Techniques to the individual to achieve their goals with proper guidance & counseling. We are committed to the individuals we serve, providing support, motivation & encouragement by identifying skills and natural talents”.




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What is DMIT?

The Dermatoglyphic Innate Intelligence Test is a thoroughly scientific examination of fingerprint patterns. This will help in deciding a person's potential as well as their personality type. The DMIT is based on findings from Embryology, Dermatoglyphics Genetics, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Scientists and medical professionals developed the DMIT Test Assessment process. Fingerprints enable a reliable analysis of persons' Multiple Intelligences and Inborn Potential.

Gain Insight by Mapping Yourself Scientifically.

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Innate Intelligence Test) is based on inborn talent (talent by birth). It's just the identification of the natural talent of an individual. Theories of finger pattern-based personality identification have been established in ancient Indian literature. DMIT test is once in a lifetime test & the report remains the same throughout a lifetime. No two fingerprints are alike. The ten fingers on each hand are not the same. Everyone's dermatoglyphics style is different.

Whereas, Career Aptitude Test & Psychometric Test suggests personality and a combination of nature, interest, behavior, & lastly, the current state of mind. So, a report & interpretation of the Career Aptitude test shall differ with Age, Place & Time. Hence, the accuracy of statements & interpretation based on that can fluctuate. DMIT report's interpretation & clarity shall have an edge as compared to most other formats for identification of suitable career options.

Know Your Unique Abilities Today

Mastering Abilities Based on Inborn Talent is a Way to Excel.