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The journey towards "Purnatvam".

The attention and environment we provide mold the child's brain for the rest of his life.

Teenage Mentoring
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“There are stars in the sky, and there is a place for them all to shine."

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Career Guidance
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Recognize your key strengths and get success in life

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Parenting Guidance
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Assisting parents in giving the best possible start in life for their children.

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DMIT Test for Adults
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Adulthood is described as a person who is 25 years old or more and middle age and old age.

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Aptitude Test
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UCE (Universal Career Explorer)

QCE (Quick Career Explorer)

PPE (Positive Parenting Explorer)

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Mudra Prabodhini is a team of certified DMIT consultants and providing career counselling, parenting counselling in Pune. Mudra Prabodhini team is well supported by other industry professionals who are on the mission of helping the community identify the purpose of the journey to achieve "Purnatvam" in life.

Our consultants guide individuals on DMIT tests, career choices, and personality-based guidance, give excellent advice on a self-management system and build up the bond between the couple, parents, and family. We provide individual attention, remedies, and action-oriented three months follow-up.

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What is DMIT

The Dermatoglyphic Innate Intelligence Test is a thoroughly scientific examination of fingerprint patterns. This will help in deciding a person's potential as well as their personality type. The DMIT is based on findings from Embryology, Dermatoglyphics Genetics, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Scientists and medical professionals developed the DMIT Test Assessment process. Fingerprints enable a reliable analysis of persons' Multiple Intelligences and Inborn Potential.

Gain Insight by Mapping Yourself Scientifically.

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