Aptitude Test

UCE (Universal Career Explorer)

Multi-dimensional assessment designed for students of class 8th onwards for identification of suitable careers, associated streams in class 11th-12th and high education roadmap for class 8th - 12th. Counselling helps report interpretation as well as gaining insights of colleges.

QCE (Quick Career Explorer)

Designed for students between class 3rd - 7th, this solution helps in identification of suitable careers and required streams for the child. Additionally it gives an indication of well-being, interests and learning preferences of the child. Counselling session helps in report interpretation and creating a suitable plan for the child to progress towards identified careers.

PPE (Positive Parenting Explorer)

This solution is designed for families with school going children. It provides an assessment of child's emotional well-being and academic enablers. It further makes an assessment of parenting behaviours of both parents. Using these inputs, it identified key concern areas for child, possible family or other issues and recommendations to help the child develop in a stress free, well-being-oriented manner. Counselling provides deeper insights into child specific issues.